Our hard hats have been tested to meet EN 397 : 2012 and are 100% legal.

The design covers the entire outside of the hard hat and will not fade or easily scratch.

Each hat is individually dipped and completely unique. 

This is NOT A STICKER so any future defects or cracks can be spotted as in accordance with UK and European design rules & laws making them suitable for construction, mining and industrial applications. 

There is no mandatory colour for hard hats in the UK which makes them 100% legal (Other countries may vary). 

All hats come with name and date sticker inside which is required on site and by UK law. They also have the date of manufacture embossed into the hard hats shell as law requires in all countries.

Standard features include a 6 point safety harness with a dial ratchet for easy adjustment and vents, making them comfortable to wear. 

The V9 hard hats are ear muff and goggle compatible. 


Please Note: Stretching and fading can occur due to the hydrographic process so each hat is completely different from the next. Also pattern placement may be different to the image on our site.